Do Spoon-Saver Disposals fit all kitchen sinks?   it fits all residential kitchen sinks.

Will large items jam the chute?  Possibly, just hit the chute with a spray of water or jiggle a spoon in the opening to free it. Never insert fingers into any running disposal.

Is the rubber splash-guard durable?  It is made of super tough EPDM rubber and is designed to last a lifetime.

Do Spoon-Saver Disposals help prevent clogged pipes?  Yes, Over-loading a typical disposal causes most clogged drains as all the debris enters the pipes at once. Spoon-Saver is designed to pace the flow of debris to prevent this. If too much debris is dumped at once loosen it with a spray of water or jiggle a spoon in the opening. After a short learning curve, Spoon-Saver is almost always preferred over the old method. 

Is there a warranty?  Yes, a 7 year limited warranty (See Details)

Can a Spoon-Saver Disposal be mounted on an existing "3 Bolt" disposal mount. It is not recommended as the Child-Safe feature may not engage properly.