Safety is Paramount

Child-Safe / Utensil-Safe

The new safety standard in kitchen waste disposals. Our patented design prevents young hands and kitchen utensils from entering the grinding chamber.

Powerful 1HP Motor

Our quality disposals use powerful motors. Twice as strong as most disposals.


Spoon-Saver Disposals start gently and powerfully, minimizing startling noise.

Auto Shut-Off

If the disposal is accidentally left running and the water is turned off, after a few moments, the disposal will automatically stop running.

Easy to Clean

Our Splash Guard is removable, easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe! Say goodbye to permanently filthy disposal splash-guards.

From the people
My old disposal had a permanent rubber splash-guard. I couldn't believe how nasty it was. And it had been in my sink for 8 years. Just being able to clean the removable splash guard is HUGE! 
— Dan S. Lexington, KY
"I like it because it protects the silverware I have left"
— Melissa M. in Cincinnati, Oh
I rarely had a spoon fall into the disposal, but my husband is a monster! every 4 or 5 months he would loose a spoon. Go figure. We like!
— Amy R. in Miami FLA
Seems like 2 or 3 times a year a spoon would come alive in the disposal and scare the pants off me. Spoon-Saver works!
— Tim K. in Austin TX

Spoon-Saver Disposals

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